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Authority and Relevance Drive Results

Search engine optimization is a process made up of many different variables, along with on-page optimization, one of the biggest variables in obtaining top rankings is link building. Google has made it very clear that only authority content and websites will receive top rankings on their search results making link building a crucial element to any digital marketing campaign.

Authority websites are top ranking websites that are relevant to your industry, have great traffic and generally well known throughout your industry. With link building efforts, we strategically position and embed links to your website within other websites to boost your website’s authority and boost your search rankings, commonly known as “backlinking”.


Link Building Services We Provide

While some companies will pursue any links they can find, this often leads to poor quality links that will actually do more harm than good for your search rankings in the long run. We know that your brand is very important to you, and as a result, it is important to us. We only pursue relevant, high-quality links that make sense for your business, besides, an auto dealership shouldn’t have a link on a food blog anyways.

Domain Authority (DA) is just a starting point for a link building strategy. We only pursue links from websites who have a minimum Domain Authority score of DA30 or above to maximize the value of each link you receive and the trust signals being sent back to your website.

Link building services can include:

  • Contextual links on high authority blogs or publications
  • Editorial and citation-based links
  • Industry specific directory and vendor profile links
  • Blog comment links for a diverse link profile
  • Forum links, depending on your industry

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